Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Info on New Zelda Game Leaked?

This is still a rumor for now, but according to the popular japanese message board 2chan (prior leaks by 2chan have proved to be accurate) here are some details of the new Zelda game coming for Wii.

- The game seems to be a sequel to "Majora's Mask".
- Will differ from the established dungeon-field-dungeon gameplay style (confirmed by Aonuma).
- Link will be right/left - handed according to player preferences.
- Gameplay and mechanics are done, story and characters still in progress.
- The girl shown in the original concept art will be called Aderu or Adella or Adelle and will contact with Link through his sword.
- Link's sword will not be the Master Sword.
- Horseback combat is back, with a more intelligent Epona.

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