Sunday, December 13, 2009

GamersCast Editorials

Hey everyone!
Well, as part of our "holiday cleanup" (yes, that's what I'm calling it) of the GamersCast website, I decided I'm gonna launch an editorial section. Now, you may be wondering, why on Earth I would do this. I mean, technically, the podcast episodes alone could be considered a sort of audio editorial, so why make an actual section for them?

Well, here's my answer. All too many times we are, as I like to say "between episodes", a point where we just finished an episode and it's too soon to record a new one right away, so I can still get my opinion out of the way and in the open for you guys to enjoy.

Plus, having time to digest my opinion, come next podcast episode after an editorial is released, we can discuss it further, making mention of the feedback I may have gotten to that article. So yes, getting feedback is essential for making this thing work out. So, please if you ever have anything you ever want to say to us, please e-mail us over at:

Be on the look out for GamersCast's editorials soon. They will begin to appear in the news feed along with the other news items, and seperate links to see only our editorials will appear soon.

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