Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New in GamersCast

Well, many of you may have noticed that despite our New Year's Resolution, GamersCast has not been updated as much as it should have been. It's been a crazy start of the year for all of us here, since most of us are applying to colleges and whatnot, so we regetfully have not had as many opportunities to update the website and podcast feed as much as we would like to.

But the school year is almost to an end, and we promise we're gonna make it up to this summer and beyond! So, to do this, we're making a few changes. First off, we now have a Twitter account you can follow us on. Ever since 2006, we have had our Wii Newsletter running, but we realize that not everyone has a Wii. But almost everyone does have a cell phone! So now, you can follow us on Twitter @GamersCast. Twitter updates will be short quick simple and right to the point! So, check us out on Twitter:

Next, what usually happens with us here is, we get so overwhelmed with stuff that little gets done, so in an effort to ease the workload that has been put on everyone, we have added a new member to the GamersCast staff, everyone say hello to our newest GamersCaster, Chris Hughes!

We are also going to be working our hardest to be updating the podcast feed as much as possible! And don't worry because we've got TONS of new content coming soon, including episode 31, 32, and 33 of GamersCast! Be sure to check us out all across the web!

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