Monday, March 09, 2009


Alright, now while it's usually our highest priority to stay on topic and deliver the latest in video game news, I want to make this 500th news feed post special, so here's too my first ever severely off-topic post! 

So, many of you may not know it, but I do have some skill with a camcorder, and a while back ago I launched the GamersCast Films Channel on YouTube, which is basically where I put up a bunch of short films I'm working on. However, almost everything on there to date has been absolute crap. And I know it, which is why the videos that are up there haven't been plugged or promoted too much.

But now, I finally have created a film that I am proud to say that I made. In fact, I am entering this film into my state's technology competition (last time I entered a film, it placed 4th at the national competition). Now, the film may not have the most original plot line in the world, as fans of the movie Cloverfield will quickly be able to tell, but I took what JJ Abrhams established and made it my own project. And so, I hope you all can enjoy my latest short film, Cleverfield.

And be sure to check out the GamersCast Films YouTube channel at:

So, happy 500 posts, and I promise I won't make another severely off-topic post like this for a long time, or at least for another 500 posts. :-p

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