Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Operation: Anchorage Released

The first expansion to Fallout 3 universe has hit the Live Marketplace today (for Windows Live and Xbox Live) and is available to download for 800 Microsoft Points (the equivelent of $10).

In this expansion, you will be able to liberate Alaska from the Chinese, just before the Nuclear War of 2077. The added content gives about 6 additional hours of play, as well as adds new quests, weapons, apparel, perks, and achievements to the game.

This downloadable content entitled Operation: Anchorage is the 1st of three expansions announced for the game. The second expansion, The Pitt will be released next month. And the final announced expansion, Broken Steel will be released in March.

Not convinced it's worth the 800 points? Check out GamersCast's YouTube Channel, where I just uploaded a video walking you through and detailing the first hour of gameplay in the expansion. Check it out at:


GamersCast's YouTube Channel

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