Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Animal Crossing: Town Folk Details

Many gamers are complaining that the only major announcement we got out of Nintendo that is directed at the hard-core crowd is Animal Crossing: City Folk. And others are arguing whether it should be considered a game for hard core gamers at all.

Nevertheless, I am personally incredibly excited for the game, and now new details have been announced.
Previously, it was hinted that the DS version of Animal Crossing could connect with the Wii version, and it has now been shown at E3, that this is in fact true! Through DS connectivity you can upload your town's data to the Wii, and interact with that town. So, anyone like me who owns Animal Crossing: Wild World, better start pulling weeds! XD

Also, it was confirmed that the city area of the game is what will be utilizing WiiConnect24, and where you could debate a sort of "MMO" element is found. In the city is where you'll find all the major shops, theaters, and more!

Animal Crossing: City Folk will be released this holiday season!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awsome i'm so excited. but how much dose it cost??? and will it be as much fun???