Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Coming Along with App Store Tomorrow!!!!

The iPhone from Apple has been missing a few key features over the
last year. The iPhone 3G coming tomorow to North America (already out
in Europe) will give 3G networking and GPS to the iPhone. Another key
feature is third party applications. Either late today or early
tommorow Apple will release a new firmware update which will be free
for all existing iPhone costumers and $10 for iPod Touch users. The
update will feature bug fixes, enterprise support and an app store to
buy third party applications. So far there are about 500 apps and
over 25% of them like the AIM app or Facebook app are free. So far I
have seen many games each costing at most $10-$12. Games I have seen
are Super Monkey Ball, Bejeweled 2, Bomberman, Ms. Pac-Man, and many
other pong, solitare and other games like that. I have an iPhone and
Matt has an iPod Touch so we will be getting are hands on as many
games as possible during the next few days and we will be posting
reviews. For iPhone costumers using EDGE most of the apps are less
than 10 mb.

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