Friday, June 20, 2008

New Guitar Hero: World Tour Info!!!

With the release of Guitar Hero: On Tour, the first portable Guitar Hero game for Nintendo DS next week and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, the first Guitar Hero game to focus on one specific band hitting consoles in two weeks, many are wondering what is next for the franchise.  The next game in the franchise called Guitar Hero: World Tour will completely reinvent the franchise.  It will expand to drums and a microphone and "copy" and improve the award winning social experience from Rock Band.  Even if you have not heard of this game until now, the following information below should give you a good idea of what the game will be like.


The new and improved drum kit shown above will have three pads and two cymbols and a pedal.  The Guitar Hero drum kit will be quieter and will have bigger and more bouncier pads (better for drum rolls) than the Rock Band drums.  And did I mention that it is also wireless!!  Because this is made by Neversoft and not Harmonix, the Rock Band drums will NOT be compatible and vice versa.  Also to activate star power with drums you just hit both cymbols at the same time.  All of the Wii instruments including the drums will make you put your Wii remote inside the instruments.


The new guitar will work just like the other great guitars only with a few differences.  Notice the touch pad on the neck.  That will allow you to tap out notes during crazy solos or you can move your finger up and down on it during sustained notes for a different sound.  There is also an accelerometer in it allowing the guitar to know how high you are raising it.  On the left of the strummer is the start and select buttons as well as a big star power button in the middle for those who felt they are too good to raise the guitar.  It will be the best guitar controller yet.  The Xbox 360 Guitar Hero guitars the X-plorer or the Les Paul will work with World Tour.  No word yet on if the PS3, Wii or PS2 guitars will work.


The microphone will be a standard wired microphone.  To activate star power with it you just tap the microphone.  No word yet on if the Rock Band mic, a headset or any other usb mic will work with the game.

The game will also feature character and instrument customization, a world tour mode that can be played online and off, a new difficulty called beginner for beginners who can't even play easy, A career mode for each instrument, DLC on a regular basis including full albums (existing DLC from Guitar Hero III will work with this game!), an eight player battle of the bands mode, and a very in depth music creator that will let you create your own music using the guitar's touch pad, buttons and accelerometer for guitar, bass and drums and you will be able to publish it online for others to download and rate.  The Wii version will have DLC and the ability to share  and play created music.  The will come out this fall for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2 at a price competitive to the price of Rock Band.  

Also Rock Band will be available next week for Wii.  Wii owners should pick this up while they wait for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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