Monday, June 09, 2008

LOADS of new iPhone/Touch Features!!!

Steve Jobs is back on stage talking about new iPhone features!

Full iWork support will be available in the update. There is also now full support for Microsoft Office documents. There is also a new scientific calculator. You can save images from Safari, and take a screen shot of the iPhone. And there are new parental controls.
Apps under 10MB can be downloaded over EDGE and iTunes. Apps above 10MB can be downloaded over WiFi, or iTunes.
Apps can be distributed for Enterprise iPhone users. Apps can also be sent over an AdHoc network. 100 iPhones can be supported on one AdHoc network.
2.0 update will be available in 62 countries! iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0 will be available in early July. Update will be free for iPhone users. The update will only cost $9.95 for the iPod Touch.

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