Monday, May 12, 2008

WiiWare Launches!

Starting today, Nintendo is now offering downloadable titles for the Wii in a new line of games called, WiiWare. WiiWare encourages serious serious indy or professional developers to explore making easy and simple games with WiiWare. So, it's kind of like Xbox Live Arcade is with XNA. Today on the WiiWare launch, 6 WiiWare titles have been released, and it appears that WiiWare games will be released in Nintendo's "Wii-kly Update" along with Virtual Console titles (which were put on hold this week for the WiiWare launch). Pricing of WiiWare games will be determined by the manufacturer and Wii Points will be the currency used to purchase these titles.

The two most notable WiiWare titles are Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles - My Life As King and Defend your Castle, priced at 1,500 and 500 Wii Points, respectively. I personally, have only purchased Defend Your Castle among the 6 downloadable titles, and I can easily say that WiiWare has a lot of potential. And the only thing holding it back, is the space limitations of the Wii, but Nintendo promised that they would resolve that issue very soon.

My Review and Video Review of Defend Your Castle will be coming soon!

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