Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guitar Hero Reinvents Itself

Since the launch of Guitar Hero III many people have been asking where will the Guitar Hero franchise go from there.  Three Guitar Hero games are set to release this year.  Guitar Hero: Aerosmith which is a new game in the series all about Aerosmith will come out in June for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and Playstation 2.  Guitar Hero: On Tour exclusively for Nintendo DS in June will let people take what they love about Guitar Hero in their pockets.  A "guitar grip" accessory along with a guitar pick stylus will make the game feel like the console game.  
Perhaps the most interesting of the three will completely reinvent the franchise and be one of the most expansive game in its genre.  Originally titled Guitar Hero IV, Guitar Hero: World Tour will be the next major game in the series.  Guitar Hero: World Tour will have all master tracks from artists like Linkin Park, Sublime, The Eagles, and Van Halen.  It will also be the first Guitar Hero game to have downloadable content for Wii.  What is most interesting is the instruments for the game.  It will have redesigned guitar controllers as well as two new instruments in the mix.  A drum kit with three pads, two "cymbols" and a pedal will offer the most realistic drumming experience in a video game to date.  There will also be a microphone for singing.  It will have the same multiplayer modes as Guitar Hero III with a new battle of the bands mode for 8 players online.  Another major new feature is the ability to make your own songs in game and share them online.  Guitar Hero: World Tour will be released this fall.  Neversoft will develop the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions, Vicarious Visions will develop the Wii version and Budcat will develop the Playstation 2 version.  If you are thinking that this game is a sequel to Rock Band it is not.  It is completely different game.  For Wii owners thinking whether they should buy Guitar Hero: World Tour or Rock Band I say buy both.  They are gonna be very different games and they are both going to be excelent additions to your collection of games.  Rock Band comes out next month to Wii so save your pennies.  No pricing or exact release date has been given yet to Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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