Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Everyone's Nintendo Channel Released!

Back in November, Everyone's Nintendo Channel was released in Japan. It provided game info for all of the games on Nintendo's current systems (including VC and WiiWare games). And it also gives DS Download Demos, gameplay videos, and a convenient link to purchase the software.

Well, it just came out in America, except now they changed the name to simple just "The Nintendo Channel". Apparently, this channel doesn't belong to everyone. BECAUSE IT'S OURS NOW!!! MUWHAHAHA! .... :-P

Anyways, I'm uploading some gameplay videos about the channel to YouTube right now. So, you can check 'em out at:


Also, as a side-note, some people were wondering why a video review of Brawl suddenly appeared but then disappeared from my YouTube Channel. Well, it was a bit glitchy, so I'm taking an extra day to fix it up. It will be available again tomorrow! The audio review is currently only available to podcast subscribers, but it will be available tomorrow along with the full written and video review at:

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