Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huge News At Macworld (Full Keynote Inside!)

Update: Here is the full MacWorld 2008 Keynote, given by Steve Jobs. It's uploaded onto my YouTube Account. Click here to go to the video page on YouTube. (Use the link if you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch)

Before I begin writing about the great news that came out of Macworld, I just want to apologize about my post about Smash Bros. Brawl this morning. If I offended anyone by what I wrote, I apologize. That was unexpected news which caught me by surprise. I do not mean most of the stuff I said. I do not think in the mornings. Brawl is going to be an incredible game when it comes out and now I have much higher expectations for it. I don't know about Matt but my expectations will be so high that the score of this game could be lower than I would ever expect it to be if the game does not perfectly execute everything it said it would do. However, I am still going on my word and boycotting all non free (who can't resist free stuff) Wii software until Brawl releases. If I offended anyone I am sorry.

On a much lighter note, MacWorld started today in San Francisco and four huge updates and new products were shown. The first of four was a new accessory for Macs called Time Capsule which is a 802.11 n base station and an external drive. 500GB model for $299 and a 1TB model for $499. The second thing was software updates for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone will have location on Maps, SMS multiple people, rearranging icons on the home screen, and webclips. This update is available now for free. The iPod Touch updates include five new apps including Notes, E-mail, Stocks, Weather, and Maps with location via Wi-Fi. It also includes rearanging icons and webclips. This update will come with the iPod Touch starting today and for existing owners, the update will be available today for $20. The third thing revealed was movie rentals on iTunes. All of the major players are on board. You can watch the movies you rented on your computer, all current gen iPods (iPod Touch, Classic, and Nano), iPhones, and Apple TVs. A new software update will be unleashed for Apple TV which will allow you to buy music, tv shows, and HD movie rentals on the Apple TV. This update will come out in two weeks. The price of Apple TV also droped from $299 to $229. The final thing shown was a new laptop called Macbook Air. It is the thinest laptop ever made with 80GB HDD, 2GB of ram, and Intel core 2 duo for $1799. Since the Macbook Air has no disc drive, an external disk drive is also available for $99. You can also install special software on a PC or Mac so it can "borrow" its disc drive. But what does this have to do with gaming? The iPhone SDK will release next month so we could be seeing native games on iPhone very soon.

Also two announcements from EA and Activision. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is going to be releasing to Mac OS X in May and Will Wright's highly anticipated game Spore is going to be releasing this year simultaneously on PC and Mac OS X. This looks like a great year for Apple.

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