Tuesday, January 29, 2008

GamersCast 26: Best of 07 Awards LIVE!

At long last our live episode of GamersCast is now available to download and is fully edited. And let me ensure you, it was very very difficult to edit a live show, but it was all worth it. It's our best of 2007 awards show!

Not only do we have our live show, but in the beginning is this week's GamersCast Gaming Update! Every bit of news in the past week of gaming!

And I'm also adding a new feature to the show! Well, it's not the show itself getting the face-lift this time, but it's the actual file. Now, we have notes enclosed into the show, so you read highlights and be linked to key sites that we are talking about while you listen! We have done something like this similar in the past, but now it works with every iPod made after the last quarter of 2005, including the iPhone and the iPod Touch! (Only the touch models will have the links) To see the notes, push the center button of the click wheel twice while listening. On the iPhone and the Touch tap the GamersCast logo once. These "notes" will be in the weekly GamersCast Gaming Update as well, and we may even put text versions of reviews inside the audio versions using this feature as well.

However, for iPhones and Touch you will need Firmware Version 1.1.3 or later in order for the feature to work properly.

Unfortunately, there will be no GamersCast Update this coming Sunday, and it's not just because of the Super Bowl (GO GIANTS!). It's for... other reasons.
Trust me, if I lost time studying for my mid-terms by putting this up, then I'm not gonna stop it just because of the Super Bowl. So, you're gonna have to take
my word on it for this one. But in the GamersCast Update after that, we will have 2 weeks worth of gaming news!

I hope you all enjoy episode 26 of GamersCast.

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