Friday, December 14, 2007

Nintendo sells Wii Rainchcks

Despite the fact Nintendo making yet another post on their website about how hard they are working to get more shipments out for the holidays, we all know many aren't going to be getting system that everyone wants. So, what does Nintendo do, why they are teaming up with GameStop to sell Wii Rainchecks. This way parents have something to show their kids for the holidays. With this raincheck, patient buyers will be able to pick up their consoles in early January at GameStop.

The rain checks will be sold at the price of the console, and they must be claimed at the store it was purchased from. They will be sold on December 21st and 22nd only, on a first come, first serve basis. And like I said earlier, also keep in mind Nintendo just tripled their holiday shipments. They even posted a picture on their site to prove it!

At the same time Nintendo announced the Wii Rainchecks, they also said they are considering having a Wii Microphone released, for Voice over IP gaming, stating that the Wii is clearly capable.

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