Wednesday, December 19, 2007

E3 2008 returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center

E3 2008 is going to be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center as it always has with the exception of 2007. Sadly, aside from that, it is still on track to be a limited invitation only expo. But this is actually still a good announcement if you think about it. You see, this year E3 was spread throughout several different hotels in the city, so information was hard to get. Now, that E3 is returning to its original home, which formerly held almost 100,000 people for E3, information will be much easier to come by and easier to report on. Aside from that, everything else about the trade show is still as it was this year. Personally, I'm hoping they invite more than 5,000 people this year, considering how much space they have now.

E3 is the largest video game convention in the world, and has been the biggest since it began in 1996. As of now, E3 2008 will take place on July 15 through July 17, 2008

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