Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wii Channel Updates

Nintendo has just released updates to 2 Wii Channels today!

The first update was for the Everybody Votes Channel, and though there was no noticeable changes it did add USB Keyboard Support for when you suggest questions to be submitted.

But the more exciting update was to the Internet Channel, (free if you already have the Internet Channel). In the update, along with USB Keyboard Support, Nintendo also added the ability to send links through Wii Messages, so whatever page you are viewing on your Wii, you can send the link to anyone or any device on your Nintendo Wii's Address Book.

Obviously, I am going to attempt to utilize the linking feature for newsletter subscribers. Which should allow this newsletter to be even more convenient than before, by providing direct links to things we reference. So, instead of saying something like, "Oh if your looking at this through the newsletter, hop on your comp and log on to...." now we can just link you right there!

Also, keep in mind that you must have Wii Firmware Version 3.1 to download these updates.

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