Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 New Wii Channels!

Well, two very new Wii Channels have just been confirmed for the Wii. Both of which have either been hinted about in the past or brought up in passing, but they both have different names than we were told. Both of them are awesome!

First up, is the channel that we were told originally was to be known as the Check Mii Out Channel. But no, now it shall be called the Mii Contest Channel, which will consist of a basic Wi-Fi Mii Plaza and a contest mode.

And the more exciting announcement comes from what was formerly known as the "DS Download Channel". That's right, it's been confirmed as "Everybody's Nintendo Channel"! Apparently, Nintendo is really stressing the theme of everybody being involved in the Wii as this is the 2nd channel to have the word "everybody" in its title. Nonetheless, what makes this announcement even more exciting than before is, that now that the title simple states "Nintendo" instead of "DS", it could indicate that we will be getting Wii Previews through this channel as well. It could also indicate that when Nintendo makes new platforms Nintendo could distribute things through this channel about them also! DS Demos can be downloaded through "DS Download Play" on the Nintendo DS main menu, once the service launches.

So, those were some very exciting updates, but the weird thing is, Nintendo had loads of massive updates today! So, prepare for a huge blast of Nintendo news today! Oh yeah, and those two new Wii Channels will release in Japan this November. No word on where it'll come out everywhere else though....

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