Friday, September 21, 2007

TGS 2007: My Home has been Moved to Spring!

Catchy title, ain't it? :P Anyway, way over in this crazy place called Tokyo, Japan where Sony's sales are just over 10% of the market, good 'ol Kaz decides to drop the bomb during the press conference that the PS3 Home is being delayed until next Spring! As we have reported previously, PS3 Home, which was announced during GDC 2007, is an online community where you have a virtual character and mingle with other people, like a sort of realistic It's a free download, but heck you can still waste $20 or so on it to give your virtual character a hat that says "Buy MotorStorm!"

But enough of what we already know, here's what's new. During Sony's Press Conference, Kaz lets everyone know that they are delaying Home's release
until Spring 2008, rather than the 4th quarter release we were promised previously. They said it was done to get more feedback on the service and that they'd say more later.

But hey, Kaz isn't able to get out that easy, as he was asked specifically why it was delayed during the Question & Answer session, following the conference. Then, he decided to change his excuse to, wanting Home to have more appeal to wider audiences, though I don't see what they could quite do to this idea. I mean, Home sounds pretty straight forward to me, how could they make any more appeal? Well, I guess we will see in the near future...

(I didn't sound like I was ranting too much in that post, did I?)

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