Friday, September 21, 2007

TGS 2007: 3 New Kingdom Hearts Games

Well, Square Enix revealed that they are making 3 new Kingdom Hearts games. All of which are for portable platforms, with a pretty crazy title. And so Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (how am I supposed to pronounce that?) will be coming for the Nintendo DS, PSP, and mobile.

It was revealed in a game reel shown at TGS, but unfortunetely as I am not exactly a Kingdom Hearts fan, I can't say I quite understand it. :P So, here's a snippet from's article about the game describing it:

"Story details were sketchy, but it appears Birth by Sleep will be set in "the distant past," according to text in the trailer. 358 / 2 (called 358 over two), whose title, said Square, will apparently make sense once you play the game, will take place somewhere around the events of Kingdom Hearts 2. Coded appears to be set somewhere during the course of the first KH and its sequel, indicated in the trailer with a line of text reading "time has gone by." The overall timeline is a bit muddled, though, something a Square representative admitted to while we were asking for further explanation.

Coded's gameplay had Sora running around various dungeons filled with floating red and black blocks. During battle it's possible to engage a "debugging" mode to clear away the blocks, but their exact nature and implications with regard to gameplay were not clear. 358 / 2 had a darker thematic element than KH games of the past, with all the characters, including Mickey, draped in flowing black robes. It appeared to support some kind of four player mode, though it just may have been one human player with three AI companions. Birth by Sleep featured an unidentifiable playable character during the gameplay portions of the trailer.

Naturally, a host of Disney characters were also present in each of the trailers."

No date has yet been announced for the game.
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