Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Super Paper Mario Bug

After months of waiting PAL Wii owners in Europe were finally able to experience Super Paper Mario on their Wiis. One problem, there is a bug in the game, which will cause your Wii to freeze and force you to reboot your system. And since the game goes by save blocks rather than utilizing an auto-save feature, it can be a bit of a toll for you.

So, good old Nintendo is once again saying that they will replace your Super Paper Mario discs with new ones. Strangely, when Super Paper Mario was released in the US in early June, this problem didn't occur.

So, if you would like to have your game replaced you can head over to Nintendo of Europe's website, where you will soon find information on how to swap out your game free of charge. But news on whether or not the bug will be in the Australian release of the game tomorrow, is currently unknown, though it can be assumed they will probably fix it by then.

But if you don't want to swap out your game, I'm going to tell you exactly what causes the glitch so that you can avoid it.

In chapter 2-2 of the game, you will come across a character by the name of Mimi, who will tell you to go through a door to find a mansion key. If you're like I was when I played through the game, and decided not to trust Mimi, your game will freeze. Of course, if you do decide to trust Mimi, you'll still be able to play through the game.

Nintendo had this statement to make on the matter:
"Please note that your game freezing up will not do any damage to your Wii or the game itself, but we do sincerely apologise for this error and the inconvenience caused to your gameplay experience."

In the past Nintendo has swapped out wrist straps and even Wii Points, but never for a game before, especially because of a single glitch. In the US release of Twilight Princess there is a glitch late on in the game that will cause you to have to restart your file, except then, Nintendo decided not to do anything about it (If you are still playing through Twilight Princess, DO NOT save your progress while in the "Cannon Room"), though they did fix the glitch in the Gamecube release of the game.

Of course, if you are in the US, that means you do not need to worry about this post (except maybe the part about the glitch in Twilight Princess) because there is no glitch in that version of the game.

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