Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Link's Crossbow Training

Umm.... I'm not gonna jump out and say that this will be an amazingly epic Zelda adventure game for the wii. But, anyway, Nintendo has just announced today that for the 1st anniversary of Wii, Nintendo will be releasing a new game, called, "Link's Crossbow Training". The consists entirely training with Link's crossbow. Not much more than that has been announced. Other than it will ship on the Wii's 1st anniversary date, come with a free Wii Zapper, and cost an MSRP of $20. So, generally, it's a free game you get with a Wii Zapper. Kinda in the way that Wii Play was $10 game plus a Wii Remote.

We will be discussing this new game on the podcast, which is now scheduled to be recorded, tonight.

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