Thursday, September 20, 2007

GamersCast: Episode 24 Released!

At long last episode 24 of GamersCast has been released onto the podcast feed. In this episode we discuss a wide variety of topics ranging covering various topics including, but not limited to:

- We discuss listener's e-mails
- We discuss the 2007 German Gaming Conference (GC)
- Could BioShock be Game of the Year?
- Should Matt be forced to eat a case of Wasabi Peanuts on YouTube?
- WiiConnect24 achievements to be the next Xbox Live?
- What to expect inside Nintendo's next handheld system!
- Are Wii's FPS controls superior to dual analog sticks?
- "Project Metroid Dread is nearing completion"
- Retro Studios decides to take a break from the Metroid series
- Potential uses for the Wii Balance Board
- Halo 3 goes gold!
- Call of Duty 4 BETA
- iPod Touch Games?
- Shocking Japanese Console Sales!
- Massive Super Smash Brothers Brawl Updates!
- And much more!!

As always you can download the podcast from our iTunes Music Store Page for free, listen using the Flash Player on our homepage at or check a wide variety of other podcasting clients. Or you could use this direct link below to download (unless you're reading this from the Wii Message Board):

Click Here to download Episode 24 of GamersCast!

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