Monday, September 24, 2007

Exclusive Downloadable Halo 3 Content for Xbox Live Gold Members

Here we are....
Only 3 hours away from the release of one of the most highly anticipated games in all of history. And there's more to the midnight festivities other than the games. Sure, maybe you aren't able to go to Halo 3 midnight release party, but Microsoft is still givin' out goodies to all of you Xbox Live Gold members over the course of the next week, starting tonight at midnight.

If you click on the "Unite to Fight" ad on Xbox Live tonight at midnight, you will be able to download a:

- Halo 3 Dashboard Theme
- Halo 3 Gamerpic
- And two documentaries about the making of Halo 3

On Thursday, you'll be able to download the "Inside Bungie: Halo 3 - A story" video which will give you exclusive interviews with the minds behind Halo 3. And on Friday, you will get a video about the new features found in Halo 3 (umm.... we would kinda already know about the features at that point though, wouldn't we?).

It all starts tonight at midnight when Halo 3 hits store shelves at an MSRP of $59.99

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