Sunday, September 09, 2007

Episode 24 Delayed

Sorry guys, I've generally killed my entire weekend trying to setup a good time with the other co-hosts, but this thing kept coming up. Steve said he had to go do some crazy thing called "homework". So, because of this we're planning on either finding a substitute for him, or by recording on Tuesday instead.

But because of the delay, I figured that I had to make it upto the listeners somehow. Last time I screwed up I made a video tutorial on how-to hack into your iPod Video Games. Now, for this, I am going to be making the most detailed video preview of Super Smash Brothers Brawl anywhere on the net. And I can guarantee that it WILL be the most detailed preview EVER! It should be up within the next few weeks. And if you can find a more detailed preview, I will eat a wasabi peanut and put the video on YouTube. And trust me in saying, that I am a complete chicken ---- when it comes to wasabi peanuts.

However, I am still confident in saying that episode 24 of GamersCast will be released this week.

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