Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Wii Firmware Update


Nintendo has just released version 3.0U (version 3.0E for PAL Wiis) of their Nintendo Wii Firmware. The update has effected the following on the Wii:

- Wii Menu
- News Channel
- Forecast Channel
- Wii Shop Channel
- Wii Message Board

The update is required, as the Wii Shop Channel will no longer work until you have updated your console. Here are the finer details of the update:

News Channel

On the Wii Menu you will now see news headlines on the News Channel icon of the Wii Menu, you wii also see more headlines when you select the News Channel

Forecast Channel

This one is simple enough. On the Wii Menu, you will see an icon informing you of your current weather conditions outside, though the same screen will appear upon selecting the Forecast Channel.

Wii Shop Channel

One of the biggest parts of the update is the new Wii Shop Channel design, which goes along the same theme as before, but goes upon an almost entirely new layout. The new layout also consists of new options, allowing you to search games by publisher, console, genre, and more. What's most exciting about the this, is that on the consoles page, they have added a scroll bar on the right and states "by system" rather than "by console", meaning we could see Gameboy games added to the Virtual Console in the future. After all, Gameboy has now joined our list of dead consoles (see a few posts under this one), so why not be added to the shop channel?

Wii Menu

Previously, it could take as long as 30 seconds for the Wii Menu to load, but now startup takes only 2 to 3 seconds in a worse case scenario! Also, you will now see the time as a digital clock just above the date. Next, when you enter a PIN number, it will now be concealed by asterisks. And aside from the icons of the News Channel and Forecast Channel changing, that's it.

Wii Message Board

Lastly, we come to the Wii Message Board. This is where you can get our famous GamersCast Newsletter (where you'll be probably be reading this right now). First, the bad: The spacing issue, has not been fixed (as you can probably tell). Now the good:

You can now move around letters and messages by holding A and B and dragging them to where you want them to go. You can also do the same to your contacts on your Wii's Address Book.
Next, the "Today" letter has turned white and is called "Today's Accomplishments", and will tell you everything you have done that day. The change has also be applied to previous days.

Overall, the updates all amount to a much more "user-friendly" interface, makes the Wii easier to use, and the startup time tremendously helps, especially for those of you who are upto their 4th page in Virtual Console games. But, I REALLY want that spacing issue fixed now. Aside from that, it's a worthwhile update.

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