Friday, August 24, 2007

GC 2007: Halo 3 Forge Editor

Remember that Halo 3 news that we thought was gonna be hyped by a parking lot ferris wheel? Well, we got it! Bungie has announced a map editor for Halo 3, called Forge. Except this map editor doesn't work as a traditional one would.

Generally, there is one player during a forge map who can change the course. Though, this "forger" isn't a part of the in-game combat. This map editor won't allow you to change terrain either, it will stay how Bungie wanted it to be. Instead, you can create and delete spawn points, weapons, vehicles, and more throughout the course. These can be added and deleted by the "forger" as the match goes on.

To prevent overuse of memory, the "forger" will get a certain amount of currency (not real money) in the beginning of the match, so anything that is added will use up some of your currency, and once your out of currency, then that's as much your 360s memory can take. Remove objects and you'll get currency back as well. Hmm.... I imagine we could have some fun tournaments in this game mode....

As for spawn points, a certain amount must stay intact. Vehicles and weapons also cannot be removed while in use by a player either. That goes without saying. I'm going to admit, it's a very interesting feature. But is the "forger" just gonna be sitting bored watching the match, or playing jokes on people by deleting a warthog just as your about to get in? We'll have to see how that plays out....

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