Wednesday, August 01, 2007

E3 2007 Ended....

Alright, I have been getting some comments wondering why I didn't post more during E3 this year. Well, the reason being is because most of the news came during the Press Conferences, which I already posted, and all the news from those conferences only required one post (though this may change by E3 2008). We will soon be making our press conference commentaries, and have our special post-E3 Edition of GamersCast. We have all 3 of the E3 Conferences over on our podcast feed and below (Quicktime Required). And of course, if you are viewing this on your Wii, you'll need to hop on your PC and head to to see the videos.

Nintendo's Press Conference (Download: "Right-Click -> Save Target As..."):

Microsoft's press Conference (Download: "Right-Click -> Save Target As...")

Sony's Press Conference(Download: "Right-Click -> Save Target As...")

Now, don't be sad, E3 may be over, but the 2007 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is just a couple weeks away! And of course, GamersCast will keep you up-to-date on everything happening on the show floor!

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