Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3 2007:Microsoft Press Conference Details

Last night, Microsoft aired their annual E3 Press Conference, in case you don't want to watch the full thing, then here are a few bullet points:

- Microsoft went into the hardware's sales stats
- Microsoft announced many new games for the Xbox LIVE arcade
- An affiliation with Disney adds hundreds of new HD movies to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace
- Microsoft says they want to tap into the casual audience by releasing Scene It for the Xbox 360
- Gears of War is being released on XP and Vista this Novemeber
- A new Halo Edition Xbox is being released in September (bundled with Halo 3)
- New game trailers were unveiled

The full conference plus a special commentary will be released on the GamersCast podcast feed and this page soon! (Conference will be up within minutes)

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