Thursday, June 07, 2007

OMG! 10k+ downloads for June

Remember this January, I was freaking out saying that after two years, we hit 10,000 total downloads? Remember yesterday, I ended the Red Kawa mirror because of our bandwidth getting too high? Remember this...

It is now only seven days into June. And as of yesterday (stats take a day for me to see), I found out, that we had over 11,000 downloads this month already!!! In January we reached the 10k total milestone after two years. And now, we're getting almost 3,000 downloads everyday! Imagine, we did in 6 days, what it took us two years to do before! I am going to have to say, I am utterly flabbergasted! It's no wonder the bandwidth was going up so much! I thank you all for your immense support for the podcast. Episode 21 of the podcast should be released tomorrow afternoon. Also, because it is now clear we have the fan-base for it, I will be re-opening the tournaments VERY soon!

Surprisingly, only 10% of our listeners actually listen via iTunes, which is probably the only reason we're not in their top 100, because I know from the stats, that we easily could be if you all listened through iTunes. It would be nice if you all used iTunes, but the fact that so many of you listen is good enough for me. I, once again, thank you all immensly for your support of GamersCast!

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