Sunday, June 03, 2007

Episode 21 to be Recorded Tonight!!

Well, it's been a long while since we last recorded an episode, but it's finally time for another QUALITY episode of GamersCast. It's time for episode 21! Yes, I do know how to count, but trust me, you don't want to hear what happened in episode 20. Maybe if there's a gap when there's nothing to put up on the feed, I might post it as a blooper, but that'd be pretty much it. I mean, episode 20 was actually title "Episode 20: Worst Episode Ever". Now, if you saw that go up on the feed, would you honestly download it!? I also got a new system setup, so that way I won't have to do any editing at all! Which means, the episode will be posted relatively quickly. Anyway, here's some of the highlights you'll be hearing in episode 21:

-Virginia Tech Memorial Ribbon We take a moment of silence for those effected by the Virginia Tech shooting
- We unveil a new podcast host (again), Steve Cask! (1st time was episode 20 :P)
-The Halo 3 BETA
- Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
- Is pokemon getting old?
- We unveil a new segment and go "Around the Cube"!
- I make a bet with the listeners (if I lose, we'll you'll have a good laugh! :P)
- Super Smash Brothers Brawl updates!
- Who will have the most online users?
- The classic debate of which console will come out on top
- We prepare for E3 2007 and a summer to remember!
- The South Korean PS3 launch (Steve will probably rant here....)
- Is the PS3 turning around?
- Game Franchises that should die!
- Games that turned to movies (DOA)
- Why do movies that turn into games usually suck?
- We hype Episode 22: The 1st Annual GamersCast Awards!
- We finally decided to re-open our gaming tournaments!!
- Podcast gets a new logo and design
- What's the appeal in "Brain Games"
- I thank the listeners for supporting the show
- We unveil a new podcast that is already #27 on iTunes! (or was.... :P)
- Steve goes on summer break, Matt and Adam are still in school....
- Where's our new Wii Channels?
- New games brick out mod chip users (Wii)
- The website development nears completion!
- And more!

As you can tell, we have A LOT planned, and it'll all be coming your way on Episode 21 of GamersCast! Also, our tournament update will also be available via our special GamersCast Tournaments podcast. Wanna subscribe or listen to GamersCast? Simple. You get it on any podcasting client, iTunes, or listen to our audio episodes on the site's homepage.
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