Monday, July 02, 2007

E3 Coverage Begins! Website Launches!

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E3 may have shrunk, but the hype is still as big as it ever was! Some say this may be the biggest E3 ever (news wise :P) So, we here at GamersCast are kicking off our coverage of E3 2007 a week early! How could we do that? Well, we are going to have a special pre-E3 edition of GamersCast being recorded this week, another special edition of GamersCast during E3, and a special post-E3 edition of GamersCast after E3. But there's still more!

For the past three and a half years, the site has been under construction....
Ideas have been scrapped....
Server Conflictions occured....
And so many other disasters happened.....
BUT now, after almost four years of waiting, within the next few days, the site will finally launch in its completed form! So, be sure to check that out once it happens, over at:

But now, you ask, What could you possibly talk about in these special episodes? Well, in our 1st pre-E3 episode, we're kicking off the 1st Annual GamersCast Awards! We're gonna give out awards for the best games from 2006, talk about the most promising games to be released, and take a peak at what's in store for us this year at E3!

Our special E3 episode, we'll talk about the ups and downs of each company's press conference and take a look at the games themselves showed off at E3 in a truely in depth discussion, you will know what games to buy, and which will flop *coughredsteelcough*!

In our post E3 episode we'll look at the events of the entire conference as a whole, games that didn't pop up until after the press conference (like Super Smash Brothers Brawl did last year), and take a more detailed view of the games shown, now that we've had time to digest what's happened.

But don't worry, we've got more than just special episodes to give you. Just like last year, we're gonna stick-up LOADS and LOADS of game trailers and videos straight from the E3 show floor! It's all coming your way within the next few days, at one of your best sources for EVERYTHING going on in the world of video games.

This is GamersCast: E3 Edition!

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