Saturday, June 23, 2007

Donkey Kong Movie!?

Wow! After I saw this, I knew that cruddy attempts at turning video games into movies have become TRUELY cruddy. And yes, the subject line is deceiving and makes it sound A LOT better than it actually looks. If you don't believe me, I put the trailer at the bottom of this post (of couse, if you got this via the newsletter you'll have to go on the site to see it).

Yeah, it's a movie about Donkey Kong (the arcade version, not the NES one). But no, it isn't based on the game, it's about two guys PLAYING THE GAME! I probably wouldn't be able to stand listening to a MIDI for two straight hours in a theather starring at 8-bit graphics. I don't even think I could last that long without stopping (thank god for suspend points, nowadays). It's a movie, about who can set the highest record in Donkey Kong.... The movie's official site is: What is this movie called? King of Kong: Fistfull of Quarters (...) And Nintendo isn't even involved in making this film! Isn't that some sort of copyright violation? (Guess not....)

Anyway, as promised here is the 2-minute trailer:

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