Monday, May 21, 2007

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Date Announced

Originally marked down as a wii launch title, Nintendo now has a final date on what may be one of the best shooters of this year along with Halo 3. As it turns out Nintendo's 1st Wii FPS is going to be available a month before Halo 3, slated for a final release date of August 20, 2007. However, nothing else concerning the game has yet to have been announced. Though nothing has yet been said concerning the possibility of online play (though I'm still expecting it).

Nintendo has also stated at the same time, that Super Mario Strikers: Charged for the Wii will be available July 30, 2007. Nintendo has also just released a trailer for the game which will be added to the podcast feed very soon (as long as you can find it, along with the swarm of Halo 3 BETA videos going up).