Monday, May 21, 2007

Bigger PS3.... Smaller Cost

At last, the final launch details for the PS3 launch in South Korea have been announced. Now, even if you aren't living in South Korea, it's interesting to certain differences between theirs and the current one on the market.

In Korea, only one PS3 will launch on June 16, 2007, for only $554 (strange price for a launch). And not only is it $50 cheaper than the US PlayStation 3, but the Korean version also features an 80 gigabyte hard drive! That's 20 Gigabytes more than the US. Aside from that and PAL games, it's just like the USA's PS3. Which really does not make any sense at all. Too bad Lik-Sang shut down... :(

Unfortunately, no plans for a North Korean PS3 launch have yet been announced.

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