Saturday, April 07, 2007

Super Paper Mario Videos

Obviously, it's fair to say that I went overboard when I was putting those Super Paper Mario videos onto the podcast feed. But if you actually did enjoy them, I got good news for you. I just uploaded 13 Super Paper Mario Videos to my YouTube Channel:

I also conveniently put all 13 of these videos into a YouTube playlist. Some of these videos were on the feed, a lot of them were not. So, for the motherload of SPM videos, check out the playlist, conveniently embed below. Of course, for those of you reading this from your Wii, you're gonna have to hop onto the your web browser over to:

Also, if you are going to view that page on your Wii, you're going to need to use the scroll bar on the right to view it, rather than using B.

(My video review of Super Paper Mario will also be added to the playlist in due time)

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Anonymous said...

Count Bleck what kind of name is that!