Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Wii Firmware: Web Browser

Wii Browser Demonstration

The preceding video will also be available on the podcast feed.

A few days before Christmas, Nintendo treated us to the minimally functioning BETA of the Opera 9 Web Browser. Surprisingly, when we treated to this, we didn't need to upgrade our Wii's firmware. Just before midnight last night, Nintendo finally surprised us, by releasing the fully functioning version of the Wii Web Browser! However, this time we did need to upgrade our firmware, to version 2.2U (version 2.2E for PAL Wiis).

Right off the bat, you could tell a lot was changed, and we will have videos of the browser up soon. Opera made a short video of the browser's features which can be viewed below, (or click here

Of course, the video doesn't tell of all its features. So, here's some more bullet points of the browser, from a more in-depth perspective:

- Smoother Surfing
- Cleaner Zooming
- Fixed Glitches
- Customized Proxy Settings
- Integrated Surf Engines
- Password field replaced by asterisks
- Option to delete cookies
- Slightly more flash-friendly (though still uncompatible with Flash 8 or 9)
- Smoother Scrolling
- Hideable Toolbar
- Cleaner Menus
- Quciker browsing
- More toolbar options added
- More Parental Controls
- Cleaner loading
- Page Info
- Automated Scrolling
- Cutomizable Widescreen Options
- New Cursors
- Sharper Display

However, there are still a few gltiches, but nothing all too serious. Be sure to check out the podcast feed for videos and reviews of the web browser.

The firmware upgrade also did an unknown upgrade to the Wii Shop Channel. It is unknown because we have no idea what it did, but as the Wii Shop Channel, generally does run upon Opera, it was probably effected by the web browser update.

I have even got some good news for you hackers out there, who are trying homebrew stuff on the Wii. I saved the original BETA of the web browser in case anyone wanted to compare the differences in code or something like that. If you wanna download the original, click here. I also have uploaded the new version of the browser as well, which can be downloaded here.

In my opinion, this cannot be suitable to be the absolute final version of the browser, despite popular opinion. So, I would expect a browser update sometime in the future.

Also, note that there is also a good chance that I will be updating this post.

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