Wednesday, April 11, 2007

GamersCast News/Updates

Alright, I am proud to announce that we at GamersCast will now be posting more articles more often. Because we now have, both Adam Shear and Steve Caskey working and posting articles on the GamersCast News page.

Also, due to the tremendous uprise in listeners, I am kicking it into overdrive on my work on the site, so it may be finished sooner than expected. I have also upgraded the site's bandwidth, so pages will load faster as well.

Also, along with you can also now send GamersCast e-mails from your wii, simply by being subscribed to the GamersCast Newsletter! To subscribe, register in your Nintendo Wii Address Book, and you will receive news articles from GamersCast on your wii without having to boot the web browser! To send us a message on your wii, simply send us a message using the same address you used to subscribe for the newsletter.

So, keep looking for more new and exciting updates to the site. And keep it here for the latest in video game news.

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