Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GDC 07: Microsoft Announces 6 Million

Wow! With perfect timing for GDC, Microsoft announces that they have just reached 6 million Xbox Live users, 4 months ahead of their goal to reach this milestone. Just for comparisons purposes, so far, Nintendo WFC (Nintendo's DS online service) has only reached 2 million users (keep in mind Nintendo didn't go online until November 14, 2005, while Microsoft was online 2 years before that.) Here's some quick stats:

- 2.3 billion hours of total play (93 million days; 260,000 years)
- 2 million text/voice messages sent every day
- 300 million achievements
- 37 countries (GamersCast has almost that :P)
- 10 million Xbox 360 units
- 135 million+ downloads from the Marketplace
- Xbox Live Arcade has 25 million downloads

Also, keep in mind that Halo 2 is responsible for 710 million hours alone...

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