Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Episode 20 for this weekend!

At long last episode 20 is will be here this weekend! This episode was way overdue, but it was worth the wait! This time around, we will as always be joined by Adam Shear. But now, we have a brand-new host on the show, who has actually been working with the podcast for over a year now! So, now that he finally has a microphone, Mr. Stephen Caskey will be on the show, at long last! After a few quick, updates, and announcements here is what will be going on, in the show:


- I talk about future interactive podcast segements (PO Box, Phone Hotline, Tournaments, Voicemails, etc.)
- I talk about our new service: Wii Glow
- I very quickly thank listeners for continuing to support the podcast


- iPhone Games?
- Dreamcast on the Virtual Console?
- N64 Emulation Issues?
- Flaws in the Wii Menu
- I reveal something beyond belief about Nintendo
- GDC Keynote Discussions
- The Zephyr News
- Metal Gear Solid Movie
- Looking back at movies from games
- Gamecube Dies!
- Console Sales Statistics
- 1st Party Site Statistics
- Wii Web Browser
- Good ideas, that will never happen
- Why we hate certain consoles and companies
- The mind reading Epoc Helmet
- And more!

All of this will be coming in Episode 20 of GamersCast, this weekend!

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