Saturday, January 06, 2007

Orb adds Wii Browser Support

The popular online media streaming service, known as Orb, has just added support for the Nintendo Wii Opera Web Browser to their service. Now, anyone with a Nintendo Wii Browser installed can stream media content directly from their computer to their Wii, so that you can watch videos from your computer on your television screen.

Media that can be streamed using Orb, includes videos, documents, music, and television shows (if your computer as a TV tuner).

This has been tried many times in the past by the members of Wiili, but only resulted in success sometimes, other times. Whether or not, Orb actually made changes to allow Wii Support, or they are just making a statement is unknown.

Though, if you do find troubles using the Orb service now, you should keep in mind that during the BETA period of the Wii Web Browser, many of the features are disabled, until the full-release, coming this March.

To find out more about Orb, check out:

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