Thursday, September 28, 2006


Well, though it does sound like a good thing, a trust me it is, you may be disappointed that this only applies to Japan....

But if you're still interested in reading on, listen closely because there is good news for the US at the end of this.

Generally the Sony executives in Japan came to their senses and dropped the price, to a much lower price. After currency conversions the price drop is $110 difference, making it a mere $439! Despite the fact that the American PS3 is over $250 more expensive, but to redeem themselves after being questioned Kaz Hirai quickly added that though they are comfortable with the current price tag, they will be shipping an HDMI port with the American PS3, but despite this I don't think it's worth the $600, so if you still want a PS3, import it from Japan! Might I recommend using the following site for the import:

And here's a direct link to the PS3 page on the site, which you will able to purchase the PS3 with, once it launches:

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