Friday, September 22, 2006

GamersCast Mobile - Episode 1 Released (Episode 16)

Well, after much planning (yeah, we planned, we just didn't tell you about it at the time), the first episode of GamersCast Mobile was released onto the GamersCast podcast feed! In this premiering segment, I decided to start out with a basic quick survey, by asking people at my school which one of the 3 new-generation consoles they preferred the most. Their replies are unedited (aside from the bleeps).

One more thing, we did record the actual episode 16 of GamersCast, but computer broke down while it was saving. To say the least it was interesting, but it could have went better anyway, so we are gonna better organize the content of the episode and re-record it, so it will also include information about what's going on at the Tokyo Game Show this year!

PS: If you'rre upset we didn't tell you that we were planning GamersCast Mobile, then I'll hint to you that we're preparing something over the next few weeks to better organize every scrap of GamersCast content, in a way that you never saw coming..... So, now I made anticipation and it will still be a surprise once I announce it (not even the co-hosts know about it yet)

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