Thursday, August 10, 2006

Matthew Goldzman featured in Newspaper!

In case you didn't already know, I am Matthew Goldzman, and back in June of 2006, I went to Dallas for a national technology competition, and I did pretty well. A few newspapers heard about my success and picked it up as an article, a few more are still expected to pick it up, but if they do I can just edit this post. In all of the interviews I did with these papers I kept urging them t mention GamersCast in the article, and I even hosted the video I did for the competition on the GamersCast website, but they just didn't want to do it for some reason, so there went my chance of getting some free publicity... Well, anyway if you wanna read more about my trip here's a link to the article, and I'll put up a PDF of the newspaper clipping(s) later onto the feed. So, anyway, to read more go to this URL:

And here's a link to the video, but please read the article first, before looking at the video. The video is in Windows Media Format, but if you don't have nor want Windows Media Player just send me an e-mail at: But here's the URL of the video:

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