Friday, August 04, 2006

Anascape files lawsuit against Microsoft and Nintendo!!

A texas-based company known as Anascape, has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo and Microsoft for using using terms they have patents for to describe their controllers. These patents include the following terms:

  • Game Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor(s)
  • Variable-Conductance Sensor with Elastomeric Dome-Cap
  • Variable-Conductance Sensor
  • Remote Controller with Analog Button(s)
  • 3D Controller with Vibration
In total the lawsuit includes 12 patents by Anascape. Anascape says Nintendo and Microsoft can remove their current controllers from being used on their systems, or a fee be paid. Both Nintendo and Microsoft, made no comments since the suit was filed.


Anonymous said...

That's just wrong!

the dude said...

That is really messed up! Why would someone got out of their way to patent crap like that!

wiiman463 said...

I looked it up, and anascape patented those all in the 90s! These people seriously freak me out....

Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks like Matt got his wish! Now, he has 4 pieces of feedback! That should hold him for a while! :D