Monday, July 10, 2006

Project 3360 has begun!

We've all seen the ads online, but can you REALLY get free video game consoles? Well, we at GamersCast are taking the test, to see if it's scam or if it's truely worth it. To help contribute to the project, click here. By clicking the link, and signing up for a free Premium Xbox 360 ($400 value) through it, you will help to contribute to our experiment greatly and may be able to get a free Premium Xbox 360 (with 20 GB HDD) yourself. If you would like, you can give us your thoughts, by sending us an e-mail at: Your comments may be read on a Special Project 3360 Edition Episode of GamersCast. We will explain where we got the name of the project, and how we came about doing it during the special episode We will be posting more details on our progress as it unfolds.

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