Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our New Feed!

At last we have perefected the method we use to give you the latest
video game news in a quicker way than ever, by using this page at: which is always in perfect
syncronization with our new RSS feed, which can now be found at: And now, if you do not have a program that supports rss feeds, you can also view the Atom formulated feed at: A link to the new feeds have also been placed on the old one. Joomla (old way of giving you
news) will still be active, for different reasons, so signing up for an account will still continue to have its benifets, so you can still sign-up for an account at:, although there isn't much to see there right now.. You can also make comments on every article we post. And of course, we will still be providing all the quality headlines in the beginning of every GamersCast episode! With this new page, I can post new articles on the feed quicker and easier than ever, keeping you more informed! Welcome to the beginning of The New GamersCast!

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